Noted [Bade]

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First Meeting [Bade]

When Jade and Beck First Met.

“West.. West.. We- finally. Jade West. First Period. Sikowits.. acting.. Blah blah.. Room 243,” Jade mumbled to herself. She stared at the sheet of paper that was hung to the wall, near the vending machines. Sighing, she took a step back, and walked over to the vending machine, buying herself a wahoo punch.

“Room 243? ..I’ll probably be late for class for being lost in looking for it,” Jade mumbled again, sipping her wahoo punch. She noticed a few students whispering, and she knew they were talking about her. She overheard ‘new girl’ , ‘gothic’ , and ‘black, dark girl’, so Jade knew that they were gossiping about her. Sipping her wahoo punch, Jade walked away before she catches more attention. The last thing she heard were louder murmurs from the students she passed by. Continue reading